PC*MILER User Testimonials


“Having used PC*MILER and as well integrating it into our Dispatch network, we have found it to be the hands down best product out there for any serious transportation firm. PC*MILER is the gold standard when it comes to integration with major dispatch systems such as TMW Suite, which is also a staple in our business. We also use PC*MILER to enhance our satellite tracking system and it allows us to know where our trucks are at any given moment right within our Dispatch viewing screens. It is so much more than just a mileage calculator!”

“Lastly when quoting on business or visiting major accounts, PC*MILER is indispensable when explaining routing and transportation cost evaluation. Our major customers know that the information is valid and correct. At the end of the day, we need PC*MILER in order to function. It is a mission critical product for our firm!”

— John Boyle Director – Eastern Sales, Cooney Group, Inc.

“We have been extremely pleased with PC*MILER 27. Our network license includes the value-add on products PC*MILER|Spreadsheets and PC*MILER|HazMat. These valuable tools help us estimate costs more accurately, and operate more efficiently and safely on a daily basis. It’s an important component of our business operations.”

“Additionally, we’ve added CoPilot Truck into all of our cabs. This onboard navigation system reduces out of route miles, saves fuel and thus money. It also reduces driver frustration by providing the best truck specific routes to keep our drivers truck legal but most importantly safe.”

— John Elliott, President & CEO of Load One, LLC



“PC*MILER makes our jobs so much easier, knowing that when rating our customers, we are fair and accurate.  The drivers appreciate the route print outs for new customers and routes. It just goes on.  Thank you PC*MILER, for providing the tools that help GTL continue to be a professional entity in the industry.”

— Bob Kean, National Sales Manager, GTL Transportation

“As PC*MILER is viewed upon as a staple in the transportation community, our clients take comfort in knowing our company uses PC*MILER for routing, billing, etc.  It is quite an enjoyable feeling to say 'we use PC*MILER’.”

— James Lockhart, Carolina Connection Cargo & Courier, Inc

“PC*MILER is an integral part of our accounting system.  It works together with our TMW operating system to maintain our fuel reports and logistics auditing reports.  These systems work together to do the work of at least three full-time employees.”

— Tim Jones, President, Roadmasters Power Transport

“PC*MILER is an important part of our brokerage operation. As we strive to be competitive in this current market place, it is essential that from our dispatch/operations, on to the billing process, our numbers need to be correct every time. It establishes an atmosphere of trust when we do not take shortcuts. We use the right tool for the job and our customers know it.”

— Lucy M. Schubert, Vice President, Timberline Freight Service, Inc.

“We run a relatively small transportation company compared to the majority of our competition, so it is imperative that we run our operation as cost effectively as possible.  The PC*MILER program helps us in every aspect of this, from the best way to route our equipment to the optimization of fuel consumption.” 

— Lynn Smith, K & L Xpress, Inc.

“PC*MILER is an invaluable tool and I highly recommend it over competitor software.  PC*MILER is the most accurate and user-friendly software in the business.  As the old saying goes, "you get what you pay for."

— Fred Caspillo, President, CrossRoad TruKing Inc.

“PC*MILER is a very useful tool for the government in determining carrier's compliance with the federal and state regulations.”

— Trooper Anthony E. DeCesaro, Colorado State Patrol

“PC*MILER provides a means for our company to do its pricing and cost estimates in a way that is consistent with the thousands of carriers that we have established relationships with throughout the years.  PC*MILER is truly the standard of our industry.”

— J. Nick Schultheis, Owner, Transport Express, LLC.


“All of our freight rating is based on mileage generated by PC*MILER.  Also, PC*MILER|HazMat is a vital tool used in our operation.”  

— Jim Thiel, All Chemical Transportation


“With state governments changing toll costs frequently in today's economic environment, PC*MILER|Tolls is critical to accurate costing in my business.”

— Jon Moyle, Owner, Ralph Moyle, Inc.

“We service a lot of metropolitan areas in the northeast where we have a large amount of exposure to tolls.  PC*MILER|Tolls allows us to look at our toll experience in advance when we’re quoting specific lanes.”

— Carlisle Carrier Corporation

“Disciplined pricing requires accurate Toll cost data, and PC*MILER|Tolls has vastly improved our processes for forecasting toll costs for new business… We are also able to refine and audit our tracking of those charges.”

— JB Hunt

“We tried to do something on our own… but we couldn’t maintain it.  The investment in PC*MILER|Tolls is easily justified by being able to validate driver toll expenses.”

 — Dart Transit

“Using accurate toll costs on preferred lanes and for backhauls, and being able to pass through correct toll costs, helps us remain profitable.  With PC*MILER|Tolls we’re saving many hours that were spent researching toll costs.”

— Cowan Systems

“PC*MILER|Tolls helps us identify lanes that are burdened with tolls.  Accurate toll data lets us price our services more accurately, especially on loads where we pass through toll costs to our customers.  In addition, with ALK we’ll have thorough updates whenever toll costs change.  Tolls are a significant cost of doing business but they can’t be accurately built into the price for freight services without the kind of capability PC*MILER|Tolls offers.”

— Arnold Transportation Services


"We utilize PC*MILER|Rail and it is an invaluable tool in order to determine the Fuel Surcharges for our traffic.”

— Charlene Flack, Director Marketing Services/Pricing Analyst, Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway

"Collectively our USRail.desktop clients manage over $10 billion in rail freight.  Without the accurate rail mileage that PC*MILER|Rail provides, USRail.desktop couldn't answer the number one question on our clients' minds: "What should my rate be?"”

— Ike Roberts, Vice President Production, Freight Resources Network

"It is extremely important to be able to accurately estimate rail distances from Dow plants to the customers. PC*MILER|Rail allows us to quickly calculate mileage and plot multiple routes on a map. I find the tool user friendly and easy to use."

— Olga Tabolina, Global Purchasing, The Dow Chemical Company


“PC*MILER is an easy to use tool with accurate information.  I would have a hard time doing my job without the Spreadsheets addition!”

— Robert Furman, Transportation Project Coordinator, Bender Transportation/Bender Group


"I use PC*MILER|Web to get mileage from point A to point B. I also use it to get state mileage for doing my quarterly fuel reports. I used to write down miles whenever I crossed a state border. What a job to keep track of everything."

— Fred Nygord, President, Nygord & Son Express Inc.

PC*MILER Technical Support

"As an integration partner, we depend on quick resolutions when our clients have issues with their PC*MILER installations. We have found over the years that ALK Technologies' Tech Support staff have been very quick to respond directly with our clients and assisted them with their installation issues in a very professional manner."

— Paul Raymond, President, InFreight Logistics, Inc.


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