Our latest version takes planning to the next level with a powerful weather visualization and alerts, as well as numerous features designed to improve efficiency and boost your bottom line.

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Take pre-planning to the next level with these valuable PC*MILER add-ons

  • PC*MILER|Streets

    Improve mileage results and drive time estimates down to the last mile

  • PC*MILER|Traffic

    Generate accurate transit times and ETAs using current and predictive traffic data, powered by INRIX®

  • PC*MILER|Tolls

    Calculate the true cost of a lane with toll fees incorporated into the overall route cost

  • PC*MILER|Worldwide

    Global routing, mileage, and driving directions in 240countries around the world

  • PC*MILER|HazMat

    Ensure compliance and keep assets safe on legal roads when hauling hazardous materials

  • PC*MILER|Rail

    Produce routes and mileage between any rail origin and destination locations in North America

  • PC*MILER|Energy

    Calculate accurate travel times, mileage and distances to and from wells, well to well, or from public to private oil and gas lease roads when operating in the patch

  • PC*MILER|Weather

    Get proactive alerts when your route plans are scheduled to travel through impactful weather conditions