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The routing, mileage and mapping software that the transportation and logistics industry depends on to succeed.

  • Factor current weather conditions into route planning to improve overall efficiency
  • Get an alert if a planned route crosses over a potentially hazardous weather zone
  • Set a maximum governor road speed for more accurate ETAs and drive times
  • Factor in new government mandated 60/70 –hour-duty limits for HOS compliance and to maintain high CSA scores
  • Insert a HOS compliant stop or break location directly into the route plan with predefined, custom places for quick preplanning
  • And more!

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Take pre-planning to the next level with these valuable PC*MILER add-ons

  • PC*MILER|Streets

    The first-ever commercial street-level routing, mileage and mapping software.

  • PC*MILER|Traffic

    Real-time, predictive and historical traffic speed features.

  • PC*MILER|Tolls

    Calculate truck-specific toll costs based on weight, axles, trailers, cash or discount program, and time of day in the U.S. and Canada.

  • PC*MILER|Worldwide

    Calculate routes, mileage, and display maps in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania.

  • PC*MILER|HazMat

    Generate hazmat-compliant routes and mileage for hauling hazardous materials in the U.S. and Canada.

  • PC*MILER|Web

    Internet-based version of PC*MILER, available in monthly, quarterly or annual subscription packages.

  • PC*MILER|Rail

    Point-to-point rail routing, mileage and mapping for the North American rail network.

  • RouteSync

    PC*MILER Routes synced with CoPilot Truck Navigation.

  • PC*MILER|Energy

    Precise mileage and routing in the patch.

  • PC*MILER|Weather

    Factor current weather conditions into route planning to improve overall efficiency.