Simultaneously processes large volumes of origin-destination pairs.

What is PC*MILER|BatchPro?

PC*MILER|BatchPro is a batch-processing tool that permits the simultaneous processing of large volumes of lanes (set as origin/destination pairs) entered as city/state combinations, ZIP or Postal Codes, or latitude/longitude coordinates rather than entering routes individually. It gives you the ability to generate routes, mileage, as well as cost and time information per route.

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  • Process route specific information for large volumes of origin/destination pairs
  • Generate leg and total mileage, cost and time estimates
  • Easily populate your mileage database without additional software programming effort
  • Geocode locations quickly and confidently
  • Geocode and route to Mexican Postal Codes
  • On-premise installation
  • Flexibility to handle tasks involving the processing of large volumes of origin/destination pairs instead of entering and running routes one-by-one
  • Store a large database of origin/destination pairs created using an electronic spreadsheet program, a database management program, or a text file editor, and then process it automatically through the user interface or through your PC's command line
  • Worldwide data coverage* throughout North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania
  • Nationwide U.S. and Canadian street-level routing* and map database
  • Truck-specific toll costs* in the U.S. and Canada; includes toll data updates
  • U.S. ZIP Codes, Canadian Postal Codes*, Mexican Postal Codes, and Standard Point Location Codes (SPLC)*
*Applicable licenses required.
Simply stated, the module works as follows: an input file of origin/destination pairs is created, PC*MILER|BatchPro’s routing preferences are customized according to your routing preferences, then PC*MILER|BatchPro produces an output file based on those preferences. There are four types of output files that can be created from an input file:
  • .OUT File – provides a breakdown of trip mileage for each route segment along a trip, including cost and time estimates
  • .MIL File – provides a breakdown of trip mileage for each route segment along a trip that includes cost and time estimates as well as translating the origin and destination into postal code and/or city/state/county data depending on your set preference
  • .STA File – provides a mileage summary table, similar in form to PC*MILER's State/Country Distance Report that includes total miles, toll road miles, free miles, and ferry miles traveled in each state/jurisdiction, with totals at the end
  • .TOL File – accessible only if PC*MILER|Tolls is also installed, this output shows toll costs for each route segment along a trip
Other Requirements
  • Additional 4 MB hard disk space
  • Electronic spreadsheet application, text file editor, or other data processing software for input files
Licensing Options
  • Single-User Local Non-Network License
  • Multi-User Network License
  • Enterprise License
  • Additional Copy License
*A PC*MILER install license is required.