PC*MILER|Rail-BatchPro simultaneously processes large volumes of origin-destination pairs.

What is PC*MILER|Rail-BatchPro?

PC*MILER|Rail-BatchPro is a batch-processing tool that permits the simultaneous processing of large volumes of origin/destination pairs entered as city/state names, SPLC, FSAC's, ERPC's (3-3-3s) or R260 junction codes rather than entering routes individually.

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  • Process route specific information for large volumes of origin/destination pairs
  • Summarize empty, loaded, and total mileage by equipment ID
  • Generate mileage reports by state and railroad
  • Populate your rail traffic mileage database without additional software programming effort
  • On-premise installation
  • Initiate batch-processing through the user interface or automated through the command line
  • Store a large database of origin/destination pairs created using an electronic spreadsheet program, a database management program, or a text file editor, and then process it automatically
  • Flexibility to handle tasks involving the processing of large volumes of origin/destination pairs instead of individually entering and running routes
  • A base installation of PC*MILER|Rail must be licensed and installed. System requirements for the base installation apply.
  • Additional 5 MB hard disk space
  • 512 MB RAM (minimum)
Other Requirements
  • Text File Editor, and/or other Data Processing Software
Licensing Options
  • Single-User Local Non-Network License
  • Multi-User Network License
  • Enterprise License
  • Additional Copy License