PC*MILER Routes Synched with CoPilot Truck Navigation

What is RouteSync?

RouteSync provides the transportation and logistics industry the crucial link between the planned route in the back office and the navigated route in the cab – delivering the guidance to drive the miles that are being billed. With RouteSync, dispatchers can send PC*MILER optimized routes directly to drivers running CoPilot Truck on an on-board device, smartphone or tablet.

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  • Maintain route compliance by sending planned routes from the back office directly to the cab
  • Ensure operational consistency between navigation and driver pay, rating, billing, costing, load planning and fuel tax reporting
  • Reduce non-revenue mileage by minimizing the mileage variance between actual and planned routes
  • Improve load profitability by minimizing operational costs and maximizing margins
  • Increase driver satisfaction by providing safe and reliable guidance throughout the planned route
  • Dispatchers send optimized routes, including stops, avoid/favors, and lat/longs, “over-the-air” directly to CoPilot Truck
  • Dispatchers can define stop order, trip options, custom routing preferences, and vehicle dimensions
  • Dispatchers select level of strictness that CoPilot Truck uses to navigate driver back to the planned PC*MILER route
  • Driver receives and follows the route from PC*MILER including stop order, trip options and avoid/favors
  • When off-route, the driver is guided with turn-by-turn directions back on-route
  • Real-time, Out-of-Route (OoR) alerts, including “off-route” and “back-on-route” are reported via email
  • OoR mileage is reported via email immediately after each trip
  • PC*MILER 26 or 27 Active Account
  • CoPilot Truck Active Account